About Hot Health

Hot Health Systems Ltd. is completely Canadian owned and operated!

We are a family-run business which came into existence because of our own health needs as baby-boomers and because of the needs of our aging parents.

One of our mothers experienced our VibraFit Trainer while visiting our home.  She lives in a Seniors Lodge and declared most emphatically that we "need to make these available to all Seniors Lodges."  Most seniors are intimidated by treadmills and their knees can be irritated by cycles.

We then became really serious about medical research concerning the benefits of Vibration Training and, in particular, for the elderly and discovered that there has been ongoing research for well over two decades.

In addition, there is a considerable body of research concerning benefits for athletic training, accelerated healing of injuries and surgeries,, and conditions such as MS, Parkinsons's and stroke.

With Jack's background in sales & management and Sharry's life-long commitment to various forms of exercise and fitness, it seemed to be a perfect fit. Sharry has taken the certification course in Fitness Training for Older Adults.  Two children are Chiropractors and one is pursuing a degree in Homeopathy. 

We are a family committed to natural good health.

 We have been in the business of creating wellness since 2007.  When we began, no one had ever heard of Vibration Training in Canada.  Now we have our VibraFit Trainers in over 170 Seniors Lodges in Western Canada and four times that number in private homes.  It has been a long education process but now more and more people are becoming aware of the health benefits and word of mouth is allowing our business to grow in leaps and bounds.

 We work directly with the manufacturer and have our machines made to our specifications. We are not hampered by having to go through a franchise operator or a distributor.

Our factory is 140,000 sq. meters with a team of 500 employees, 20 quality control engineers, and 50 sales staff. They were established in 2006 and have since gained many international certificates such as CE, TUV, SGS, UL, cETLus, AND RoHS (for hazardous substances for electrical equipment) and are sold in over 100 countries including Europe, North America and Australia.

In our research we learned that there are different types of vibration with different effects on the body.  We used the expertise of Chiropractors to determine that some types are not safe or recommended.  Vertical motion causes compression on the lower spine and side-to-side motion causes a whiplash-like injury to the knees.

 To this point we have been specializing in the elderly and those with health challenges which prevent them from engaging in any other type of exercise for the sake of their health.  Through direct experience we have learned to adapt their useage of the machine to accommodate those health issues.  We bring health to people who have not been able to achieve that in any other way. 

For those purchasers who are very remote from us we provide training by DVD.  But we prefer to provide in-home training with free life-time support by telephone.

With some companies, you have to spend $85 - $300 to get their exercise programs.  Our VibraFit Trainer comes with a manual explaining the 3 built-in programs.  Our advanced programs are available for free to our customers.  Scientific research information is available on our website (in brief) and the full extraction is available on request.

But do not be mislead!!  A VibraFit Trainer is a very effective and rapid means of creating muscle tone and conditioning.  We have athletes who use our VibraFit Trainer to augment their other training programs and to accelerate the healing of injuries.  Our larger model is in various Fitness Centres.

The VibraFit Trainer has a range of 30 - 50 Hertz (cycles per second) and an amplitude of 1 - 10mm which can be adjusted to your limitations or goals by the placement of your feet.

Find out for yourself just what VibraFit Exercise Training can do for you!