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Doctor Formulated, Patented PowerStrips use the body’s own natural heat rays reflected back into the body to not only quickly relieve pain but to also offer continuous relief!!


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The amino acid, L’Arginine, is the main ingredient in Pulse-8 and stimulates the production of nitric oxide in your body. Nitric Oxide was discovered to be the most important factor in cardiovascular health. Pulse-8 blends the l-arginine with proprietary, heart healthy, synergistic ingredients in an affordable gift of health. Now You Can Put Your Health Into Your Own Hands. Click here now to order and scroll down to “ Heart & Soul”

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*Nitric Oxide and the Endothelium: History and Impact on Cardiovascular Disease

Abstract: Vascular Biology Center, Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, GA, USA

There are few discoveries with the magnitude of the impact that NO has had on biology during the 25 years since its discovery. There is hardly a disease today not associated with altered No homeostasis. There is no doubt that endothelial and NO-dysfunction is a hallmark of cardiovascular disease, including diseases which are considered as major current public health concerns: hypertension, obesity, diabetes, malnutrition. In many cases cardiovascular disease (CVD) can be prevented by identifying and controlling modifiable risk factors. This can be realized by supplementing co-factors, e.g. BH4, or substrate, L-arginine .... There is tremendous promise behind No itself as well as well as the numerous other molecules and processes associated with the L-arginine-NO-cGMP pathway.


*Nitric Oxide in Hypertension

Abstract: Department of Cardiology, the Cardiovascular Center, University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland

Hypertension is a major factor for cardiovascular disease.... Endothelial dysfunction, which is characterized by impairment of nitric oxide (NO) bioavailability, is an important risk factor for both hypertension and cardiovascular disease and may represent a major link between the conditions....NO plays a major role in regulating blood pressure and that impaired NO bioactivity is an important component of hypertension ...... Impaired No bioactivity is also implicated in arterial stiffness, a major mechanism of systolic hypertension.


*The Role of Nitric Oxide in Inflammatory Reactions

Abstract: Immunology Group, ICGEB, New Delhi, India

NO is an intercellular messenger that has been recognized as one of the most versatile players in the immune system. ...Activated macrophages inhibit pathogen replication by releasing a variety of effector molecules, including NO. Thus, NO is important as a toxic defense molecule against infectious organisms. It also regulates the functional activity, growth and death of many immune and inflammatory cell types.....


*Nitric Oxide-Releasing Nanoparticles accelerate Wound Healing

Abstract: Department of Physiology and Biophysics, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, Yew York, USA

Long-term wounds remain a challenging clinical problem, affecting approximately 6 million patients per year, with a high economic impact. ...these wounds render the individual susceptible to life-threatening microbial infections. ... In recent years, nitric oxide (no) has emerged as a critical molecule in wound healing, ... The NO nanoparticles significantly accelerated wound healing. No-releasing nanoparticles have the ability to modulate and accelerate wound healing in a pleiotropic manner. (producing more than one effect)


*The role of Nitric Oxide in Tendon Healing

Abstract: Orthopaedic Research Institute, University of New South Wales, The St. George Hospital, Sydney, Australia

Nitric Oxide (NO) is a small free radical that is generated by a family of enzymes called the nitric oxide synthases (NOS). In cultured human cells, the addition of NO via chemical means resulted in enhanced collagen synthesis. We performed 3 randomized, double-blinded clinical trials that demonstrated a significant positive beneficial effect of No treatment on clinical symptoms and function in patients’ demonstrated significant long-term efficacy.






*Nitric Oxide and Geriatrics: Implications in Diagnostics and Treatment of the Elderly.

Abstract: Texas Therapeutics Institute, Brown Foundation Institute of Molecular Medicine, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

Studies in experimental models and even humans reveal that constitutive production of nitric oxide (NO) is reduced with aging and this circumstance may be relevant to a number of diseases that plague the aging population. No is a multifunctional signaling molecule, intricately involved with maintaining a host of physiological processes including, but not limited to, host defense, neuronal communication and the regulation of vascular tone. NO is one of the most important signaling molecules in our body, and loss of No function is one of the earliest indicators or markers of disease. Clinical studies provide evidence that insufficient NO production is associated with all major cardiovascular risk factors, such as hyperlipidemia, diabetes, hypertension, smoking and severity of atherosclerosis, and also has a profound predictive value for disease progression including cardiovascular and Alzheimers disease. Implementing strategies to diagnose and treat NO insufficiency may provide enormous benefit to the geriatric patient.


*Oxidative Stress and Nitric Oxide in Kidney Function

Abstract: Division of Nephrology and Hypertension, Georgetown University, Washington, DC

Nitric Oxide is a potent, endogenous vasodilator that regulates systemic blood pressure and renal function, among other function. A regulatory role for nitric oxide in the control of the renal microcirculation and as a participant in tubule function is further described. New information of the cause and possible prevention of acute and chronic renal failure has also been produced in the last year. These advances demonstrate the value of research in the normal and pathological roles of oxidative stress and nitric oxide in the kidney.


*Nitric Oxide in the Human Hair Follicle

Abstract: Department of Dermatology, University Medical Center Benjamin Franklin, Free University of Berlin, Germany

The free radical nitric oxide, generated by different types of epidermal and derma cells, has been identified as an important mediator in various physiological and pathophysiological processes of the skin, such as regulation of blood flow, melanogenesis, would healing and hyperproliferative skin diseases.


*Towards Nitric Oxide Based Diagnostics: Call to Action

Letter:Trends in Molecular Medicine” Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Texas-Austin, Austin TX

Maintaining No homeostasis is crucial for optimal health and disease prevention, and developing novel and accurate biomarkers for No production or availability will probably lead to better diagnostics and treatment strategies for a host of human diseases and have a profound effect on public health. In this letter, we make a strong case for the need for rapid validation of useful and accurate No based biomarkers for diagnostic and prognostic utility in the clinical setting.”

A report by Kleinbongard et al. demonstrated that plasma nitrite levels in humans progressively decrease with increasing cardiovascular risk load. Risk factors considered included age, hypertension, smoking and hypercholesterolemia, conditions all known to reduce the bioavailability of NO. ....This letter has focused on the role of NO and its metabolites as biomarkers for human disease. ... Ultimately, determining the levels of these versatile biomarkers by rapid, easy-to-use and bedside point-of-care assays after adequate validation will be a real testament to their role in molecular medicine. It is prudent at this juncture for concentrated and combined efforts in the field to validate and develop a standard and accurate assay for determining No status in humans.”




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PowerStrips – Testimonials

These testimonials are a combination of testimonials collected since the launch of the PowerStrips January 2013. Many are from happy customers who shared their experience unsolicited –directly to FGXpress. Many of the other testimonials are from our friends, colleagues, contacts and even OUR personal experiences using the PowerStrips.
Please note that their results do not ensure that you will also have the same experience.

**The PowerStrips are listed with the FDA as a Class 1 Medical Device for Pain Relief and Discomfort.**

It is proving to be extremely effective for pain of all kinds. (Arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and more.)
Wouldn't it be great to not have to depend on prescription drugs or all the bottles of vitamins!
PowerStrips are YOUR future of HEALTH.

“For 8 years I have had sinus issues and have used nose spray every night for 8 years. When we received our Power Strips, I cut a ¼ inch of the strip off and placed it across the bridge of my nose. I slept thru the night and in the morning my right sinus was completely clear. Within 3 days both sides were clear. I still use a small strip every couple of nights across the bridge of my nose and have not had to use any nose spray since starting with Power Strips!”

“Ever since using Power Strips I have benefitted from increased energy, reduced stress, more calmness, less anxiety, more mental clarity and focus, less mood swings, my allergies are under control - I haven't had to take one allergy pill since using them and normally take them daily during allergy season, I have a condition called spondyloarthropy which is inflammation of the joints and have had NO JOINT PAIN since using them. I call them my feel good strips. My friends call them magic patches of healing and love. They've been truly amazing and I started putting them on my dog to see if it will help with his alopecia and his hair grow back”.
From Amie in Canada...

"Well I don't even know where to start! 15 years ago I had my first lower back surgery... then six months later I had another and the two years after that another.... I have so much nerve damage and degenerative discs problems now. On top of that two years ago I found out I have three herniated discs in my upper back and neck so I’m in pain 24/7! Not Fun!! Plus I have four children so I'm running to hockey all winter with two and baseball most of the summer and I do a lot on my own because my husband works shift work four hours away... doing it all in pain and on pain meds is a daily struggle. I've tried everything out there- massages, chiropractors... been to Dr. after Dr. with no relief but the harsh meds that made me tired and I hated that. I was introduced to the power strips ....and it's only been a few days now and what a huge relief!!!! I wear one on my lower back and one on my neck.... and yesterday I added a half a strip to my shoulder within 15-20 min my shoulder was completely pain free.... its soooo amazing!! And when my pain in my back was always at a 9-10, now I'm at a manageable 3-4 so to me this is a HUGE relief.

“I love these Power Strips! I have osteoarthritis in my lower back, sciatica, and fibromyalgia. I received 2 samples so I put one my one butt cheek where my sciatica pain starts before I went to bed. I had the best deep sleep and woke up in the morning without any muscle pain. I couldn't believe it. The following day I used the other one on my lower back. My chronic pain was so greatly reduced I couldn't believe it. I have only used 3 strips so far and yesterday I was walking all day and no sciatica pain!! Unbelievable!” George P.

Last week I was dealing with intense (often debilitating) pain that I get every month during my monthly cycle. The first few days I’m pretty much homebound because it’s so uncomfortable. On Day #1 a friend offered me a PowerStrip, which I applied to my lower back. Not only did the pain in my lower back disappear, but the pain and discomfort in my abdomen did too, NEVER returned during the rest of my cycle after I removed it! I HAVE to share my experience because I’m so excited about the results. Think about it...from homebound to pain free.

“I have had back problems for quite some time now. It just so happens that I had a really bad episode that started a few days before Thanksgiving. I couldn’t sit comfortably; standing was what was most comfy. I couldn’t even hold me 7 mo. Old niece. I was in the ER to get pain shots that temporarily worked and I’m not a fan of pain pills so I didn’t take them. A couple weeks later I received PowerStrips. By day two I felt remarkably better!”

“I have had extreme difficulty with my left eye. Treatment has included drops that burned my eye, with resultant scarring. I have been blind in that eye for five months now, and in constant pain, requiring Oxycontin, and sleeping pills, just to get some rest. After the doctor assessed me, I applied a strip that evening; the doctor looked into my eye, and said “your eye is looking better”. His colleague also said that my eye was considerably better. The only thing that I had done was to apply a PowerStrip. I have not needed pain pills since I began using the PowerStrips. PowerStrips are amazing. I am glad I will have them for the corneal transplant surgery. Now, I am certain I will see again!”

“During a basketball game in 1999, I fell on the floor and hit my right hip. X-Ray results showed that I had "forward displacement". My doctor had me on physical therapy treatment twice a week for 4 months. I resigned from my work as a security guard in 2006 because the pain aggravated. My body felt heaviness, coldness, stinging and pinching sensations. I cannot walk normally. I took medicines and used patches for pain relief, but the pain kept recurring. I attached a Power Strip on my right hip. I felt the Power Strip sucked cold air from my hip through my skin. The stinging and pinching sensations were gone. I can walk normally again. I regained my life. I can now look for a job. I'm amazed and wonder how these happened so fast. With deep gratitude, I thank everyone for Power Strips! – Jerry B./ Philippines”

“I’ve had fibromyalgia since 1991 and have had to deal with a lot of pain. I started using the PowerStrips and within 10 minutes I can feel the pain leave my body, it is amazing. Then I got the flu and it works wonders on that as well as old age setting in. Amazing! I have a clear head and the PowerStrip just keeps working. I, like Ron, our CEO of ForeverGreen, wear mine every day as it also perks me up and I have a great day just wearing it. It is an amazing product and I recommend it to everyone and the best part of this is that it is natural and controls all kinds of pain and it’s done herbally, without side effects. I think it is great!
Joy S.”

“My 11 year old daughter experiences migraines due to stress (especially at school). I'm hesitant to give her Tylenol at her age so I was eager to try Power Strips on her. She called me from school having a severe migraine and I rushed down with a strip, rather than Tylenol. She was reluctant to put the strip on her forehead being at school, so I placed one in the middle of her back. Within 10 minutes, she was ready to go back to class. Seriously? These Power Strips work! - Susan J.”

“My physician was fairly sure I had Lupus but I had yet to go for a specific blood lab to find out 100%. All I knew was that I was in constant pain; well as massage therapy. It was costing me a fortune as well! Finally the PowerStrips came and I was quick to put one on. The next day there was no change. I was disappointed and told my husband, "Well, I guess they're not going to work for me". My girlfriend encouraged me to keep the Strip on till the next day and, even then, try a second one if need be. The next morning I sat at my desk for a while and then thought I would try something out. I decided to try and touch my toes (something unable to be done for months and months by this time). I slowly bent over - ever so careful - and to my surprise was not only able to 'touch' my toes but to 'tuck' my fingers underneath of my toes!! I did this over and over; each time with more confidence! Next was to test my knees. I stood at the top of the stairs and took a deep breath...and ran down the full set and, without stopping, turned around and ran back up! Twice!! After two times I stopped - completely out of breath!! Thing is that that was the only complaint! I was out of breath!!! YeeHaw! My knees were great!”

“Be aware while using your "PowerStrips". Sometimes it is effective in ways we don't even realize. I took a trip to Fla. last Fri wearing a PowerStrip and drove 10 hours with only a few 10 min. stops to use the rest room. My driving foot hurt a little but I got through it. On the way home, however, I did not have a PowerStrip on and my sciatic nerve down to my hip & leg were in a lot of pain after about 4 hours into the trip. My sciatic nerve always hurts whenever I drive even a couple of hours. I didn't realize until days later that the whole 10 hour trip there it didn't bother me once. I say this power strip has a new group of people to benefit from it, truck drivers! Truly amazing! Also, I gave one for my niece to try who has restless leg syndrome. She said for the first time in a while she was not in pain.”

“Just received our PowerStrips 2 days ago and already both my husband Richard & I have noticed amazing improvements. Firstly, my husband suffers from a severe case of kidney stones. They are very large and cause him great agony at times. Treatment is pending by the end of this month but in the meantime he has to take more pain meds than he ever anticipated, is up at night because he can't get comfortable & experiences massive swelling all around his abdomen. Since using the strips which I placed right on that right kidney the first time, he did not take any pain med at all and there was no swelling. The second strip was placed on the spine between both kidneys. He has been pain free for these 2 days, no swelling and he feels much better, sleeping sounder & of course not being awakened with pain. This is amazing and we love the strips!!!” Sue C.

“I had breast surgery over a year ago and ever since then I have had some numbness –lack of sensation- in several areas. I knew going into surgery that this was a common occurrence, due to this kind of procedure. Since placing the PowerStrips near the incision scar- I am noticing feeling returning. In addition, the scar tissue in the area of the incision seems to be smoother. I’ll keep you posted.”

“I am sleeping better. I am now able to fall asleep and stay asleep. If I wake up to go to the BR I can fall right back to sleep. This is a struggle I have had for years. I am almost afraid I might jinx myself by telling everyone but if the strips can help you sleep then go for it. They have for me. I am a nicer person and as any sleep deprived person knows this is like the best. Dee K.”

“.....I also felt energized along with a feeling of clarity which was a totally unexpected but welcome benefit of this amazing product. I will be ordering more of these PowerStrips and adding them to my arsenal. One more thing, last night I slept all the way through till morning without waking up once! That by itself is a miracle!”

I used the strips for a full day was amazed at the relief of pain I noticed. Having Parkinson's disease sleep doesn't come easy but that was another great experience I had a full six hours of sleep. I normally sleep two to four hours a night. Sue S.

"I also have MS, I started on the PowerStrip 2 weeks ago and within 1/2 hour the burning pain in my back subsided, by the next morning, the feeling had come back into my legs which have been asleep sort of for the past 10 years from the MS. I now have most of the feeling back in my whole body, good feeling, and the pain in my back from osteoarthritis is almost gone, except when I abuse it. More energy and a number of other small things are happening. If I keep this up, I will feel like a teenager soon!!! Love it." Fran R.

My wrist is very stiff with arthritis....Using the PowerStrips loosened my wrist up and reduced my pain by about half....much easier to work out. Wendy

Prior to using PowerStrips, and I was experiencing many menopausal symptoms, and had been for many years. These included moodiness, sleep disturbances, fogginess in the head from lack of sleep, and a sense of feeling overwhelmed some days. I am a Registered Nurse who knew that there were valid reasons to not seek hormonal medications. After a few bouts of quite severe flu and bronchitis, I knew that lack of sleep was likely the cause of becoming sick more often than usual. Since I have become a regular user of the PowerStrips, my sleep quality has increased phenomenally, I think clearly, and on a daily basis feel an inner calm, that allows me to tend to any situation with a feeling of power. In the last 5 months, I have not had any colds or even a sniffle. Power to the Strips!!!!!!" ~ C.D.

In response to Arden’s testimonial on how the PowerStrips helped her 16 stitch incision heal quickly and no pain…..
same with my shoulder replacement 7 weeks ago. No pain pills, 24 staples, no redness and today, very little sign of 6 inch incision! Amazing!!” Sally B.

The first time she wore the PowerStrip, she reported feeling "10 years younger" the next morning AND her aching shoulder was so much better. NOW after wearing her strips faithfully for the past 4 months or so, here's what she said: "My sugar craving is GONE! I've lost 17 lbs. and have NO aches and pains anymore. I have energy and my mental state is so much better. I feel so much better than I did before and, yes, feel much younger. I know I will never be without my Power Strips" ~ Brenda D.

I began using the Power Strips for shoulder pain and a ‘frozen shoulder’. I placed a PowerStrip on my right shoulder before bed and it worked immediately. How I know is because I was able to sleep ON my stomach comfortably for the first time in over a year and slept without pain. I have continued to use the PowerStrips for other benefits that they offer and just realized today, after reading of a woman’s testimonial on them working for her HOT FLASHES that MY menopause symptoms and hot flashes are almost non-existent now. WOW, this is something exciting in my life and worth sharing!" Joy E.

“I work up the other morning and had a stiff joint in one of my fingers. Crazy, I began thinking it may be what people talk about when mentioning arthritis. I took a skinny “strip” of PowerStrip, the size of the smallest Band-Aid and applied it on the area. Within a couple of hours I removed the PowerStrip and the finger and was pain-free and able to bend it completely with no limitations. This is exciting for those who truly do suffer from pain in their joints.”

“The medical problem I have and to which I’m applying the FG Xpress PowerStrips is an osteopenia right foot, particularly the ankle. My bone density began to decrease starting with chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer and became more pronounced after taking a drug called Arimidex, prescribed to help prevent cancer’s rude return. Unfortunately, I had a fall and injured my right foot. This injury would not heal due to the osteopenia. I was told it was now part of the disease I experience severe cramping and locking in this foot and ankle on a regular basis making it difficult to walk or apply any pressure to. Since I’ve starting applying the FG Xpress PowerStrips to my injured ankle and foot, I’ve noticed a remarkable improvement. I’m in a whole less pain. My foot isn’t cramping and locking up nearly as much and if it does a new PowerStrip takes it out rather quickly.

“I have been on a journey of improving my health through nutrition. I am observing that the PowerStrips are taking me to a higher level than previously experienced. One of the benefits I noticed from the PowerStrips is augmented vitality as I often feel I have more energy. This is very helpful as I am now performing my tasks more efficiently at work and at home. The most important benefits I experienced are cognitive. I often feel calmer while at the same time my mental clarity has increased.”
Ken S.

“In Feb. my 78 year old friend was confined for 4 days in the hospital, because she was suffering from severe pain in her bones, back and spinal column. She cannot sleep. The pain killer medicines prescribed by the doctor did not have any effect on her. We attached one PowerStrip on her back. In one day her condition improved significantly. We attached another PowerStrip on her second day. To our surprise, she can now run to bathroom when needed. With conviction, she now recommends the PowerStrips to her friends and relatives”. Abel C.

“Although I don’t have specific pain I do have general stiffness, lack of mobility and sometimes cramping in my legs and arches at night. Well, all of the above are gone! I have so much more mobility I am very impressed. I had fallen off a horse when I was 17 years old and injured my cervical vertebrae. Since then, over time my neck became more and more tense, shoulders tense, with loss of mobility in my arms. This is gone completely! I wear a PowerStrip every day and night changing every two days. I feel more energetic, more alert, and more mobile”. Sue C.

“Did you know that our PowerStrips help relieve the pain from people with shingles??? Very exciting”! Tom C.

“I want to share my results when I applied PowerStrips. In my youth I engaged in professional dancing, but stopped abruptly when small blood vessels on the thighs became visible. I received my PowerStrips and decided to see how they would work. After 2 days I removed the PowerStrip and was impressed with the result. My blood vessels are barely distinguishable. I will continue to use the PowerStrips”. Nathalie

"I've had horrible allergies for years even pills don't make them go away completely, since using the Power Strips my eyes haven't been as itchy and I can breathe. I mowed the lawn the other day which is normally a death sentence for me and was only sneezing after!" - Rachael D

“I feel a little uncomfortable sharing such a review. But nevertheless, I decided to do it. PowerStrips are incredible influential on impotence. I have used 5 or 6 PowerStrips and I also have more energy and sleep better but the most exciting of all is an increase in my libido and quality of “blood flow” to certain body parts.’ Anonymous

“WOW! I just LOVE having deep sleeps, and not even remembering falling asleep. Being able to drift off into a peaceful, deep sleep and waking up feeling calm, happy and rested is something I am personally very grateful for. When you've experienced the other side of the coin and then this amazing side of the coin, you'll never want to go back. THANK YOU, Power Strips!”

Angela P.:"HAD to share. So my favourite place to wear my strips each day is on my lower abdomen. I was recently a surrogate for a local couple. I had twin boys at really good sizes and carried them to term. This left many stretch marks on my belly and lower abdomen. I discovered yesterday that the spot where I have been consistently wearing my strip is smoother and you can barely see any marks. It is quite distinct.”

“I've been spending quite a bit of time hiking and backpacking this summer. That has led to some plantar fascia strain and pain. I started using the PowerStrips and thinking my feet were just getting better due to rest, I stopped using them for a few days and boy did my feet hurt. I immediately started using the PowerStrips again and realized that the pain relief was from the PowerStrips and I am thankful! I think my feet will need a little more time to heal so I will be using the power strips constantly for a little while. I have also found some relief to my hot flashes. So glad for that as well!” Jeanette H.

“My mother who is 87 years old had TB when she was young. She had to have her spine fused, a technique not very well known back in the 1940’s. She has lived a very active life but this past winter has been brutal and she suffered tremendously from constant back pain. Her skeletal system is very twisted so the pain can be excruciating. I placed a PowerStrip on her lower spine where the fusion is. She felt so much heat, tingling, itching it actually kept her awake. Two days later she placed another strip in the middle of her back and felt noting. She thought is wasn’t working….but today she noticed that she has no pain in either her lower back or between her shoulders. She is very impressed.” Sue C.

“78 years young! PowerStrips keep me pain free and provide me with unbelievable endurance.” James H.

“ though I didn’t have any actual PAIN at the time I first started using the PowerStrips. I did notice I slept like a baby and work up feeling energized upon opening my eyes in the morning." Pete A.

An associate and long time friend has a client who is an elderly female and in excruciating pain due to spinal stenosis. We gave 5 PowerStrips to this woman to try…. And she claims her pain level at that time has been unbearable and she has been house bound. On the scale of 1-10 her pain was what she called a 12! After 5 days she said her pain was a 6, with a smile on her face. She also was able to do some yard work. Now, after time, her pain had continued to diminish and she loves her PowerStrips! Susan M.

Tick bite pain gone in 1 1/2 hours and swelling down 75% 1/2 PowerStrip right on the bite felt like fire but worked and the other half on the hand.

"I was diagnosed with RA March of 2012. Over 9 months ago I was injected in both knees to relieve me of pain. My left knee is ok however my right knee has been a bit painful. When I went to try to bend it -it hurts. I have a wellness coach who gave me a PowerStrip to put below my right knee. While sitting down I put the PowerStrip on and was just talking. Suddenly I looked down at my leg. I was bending my right knee! I hadn’t been able to completely bend my knee for a little over a month. I was totally amazed. I went over to her parallel bar and began doing squats. Wow! I had the PowerStrip on for approximately 60 minutes. What a relief"… Cynthia T.

“I had worn my PowerStrips for about 3 days without noticing a huge difference, but on the fourth morning I woke up with a stiff neck. It felt like it was running up from my shoulder, so I placed a PowerStrip across the trapezius muscle. Within 15 minutes the pain was GONE! Later in that afternoon I felt the PowerStrip heating up, and then noticed a “tingling” in the opposite hip. I smiled to myself knowing that it was creating an energetic balancing of my skeletal system. Thank you FG Xpress and PowerStrips.” Keli A.

I've heard so many testimonials this past week about how the PowerStrips are bringing a safe, effective, all-natural, chemical free option and alternative to those pesky, annoying and dangerous mosquitoes! The Power Strips are totally personalizable and customizable... if you do suffer a bite or if your kids do, just cut up the strips into little pieces and put them over the bites! The Power Strips help with inflammation and swelling and the Silver Ions in the Power Strips destroy toxins and bacteria! ~ Amie

"The other day, I was walking with my cousin who didn't have a PowerStrip on...I did. When we entered the park, she was swarmed by mosquitoes, I was not. She had 20 bits yesterday, I had none!" ~ Sarah S.A. "My daughter and I went for a walk and were attached by mosquitoes... I had strips on and had NO bites, she did not have strips on and ended up with 23 bites!" ~ Marilyn S.

"I just wanted to share this with you! I suffer from WHO KNOWS WHAT IT IS CALLED on my (skin) chest. I call it "disgusting red welts". I've been to doctors who don't know what it is, they prescribe all different sorts of expensive creams and antibiotics (which I don't want to take and don't want to put on my skin), and nothing works. It's embarrassing... I don't want to wear a turtleneck 365 days a year! There is no rhyme or reason when it shows up. I know all the other areas the PowerStrips have helped me with, so I put one on my chest. I had less than 24 hours of wearing the strip on my chest before I had to take it off and get into my bikini. MAGIC! LOVE! THANK YOU POWER STRIPS! YOU SAVED MY VACATION!" ~

It’s powerful that the FDA has now listed the PowerStrips as a Class 1 Medical Device for Pain Relief and Discomfort- AND that it also has been shown to help with the SKIN. The look and feel of MY skin has improved and it has for others I have spoken to as well. One product that does so much….and a month supply cost LESS than a spa’s hour massage, facial or even
trip to the doctor!” Joy E..

I burned my foot on a lawn mower last week and it began to blister... I called Dave to ask what he thought about using a power strip & he suggested that I put it near the burn. I cut a 2 inch strip and put it on the top of my foot (the burn was on the side & bottom) and within a half hour, it didn't even hurt! it looked like it was a day old within an hour (the burn was beginning to harden). It was so strange, because I applied ice & aloe to it for the first 1/2 hr. but as soon as I would take the ice off, it was throbbing in pain, so I was so happy to have it heal so quickly after I used the PowerStrip!
Thank you! Laura

“32+ years ago my son was born ....15 months later my daughter was born....both by C-Section. I have had a scar all these years- barely visible....but I can always FEEL the scar and energetics of it.... Several weeks ago I learned that the PowerStrips are not only good for PAIN Relief and discomfort (FDA lists the PowerStrips as Class 1 Medical Device)but for SKIN texture and "look". I have been putting a 1/2 PowerStrip below my belly and honest to God, the texture is so smooth and feels almost non-existent and I can barely see it any more.... AMAZING. if you know anyone with a scar that is new/old (whatever) please share the PowerStrips “

"My daughter reported to me that she was quite surprised to find that the PowerStrip helped her with severe anxiety. She was able to relax and slept all night! What a nice surprise!' ~ Sue C.

“My husband had sinus issues for 8+ years. Day 1 he used just a small strip of the PowerStrip at night and his sinus cleared on one side. 3 nights later his other sinus cleared. As a result he no longer has to use nose spray and does not snore. I haven’t used our Sound Machine in over 3 months. Fabulous! Deb E

My friend told me about the PowerStrips and how they helped him for sinus issues. I did try this and to my amazement, it worked. I can breathe freely- and also my allergies have cleared up. What freedom this has given me!!!” Debbie B.

"Today we went to the beach. We put on a potent natural sunscreen (50 SPF) all over our bodies before the beach. I could not reach my back and totally forgot to put it on the upper back area....til 4 hours later. Yikes, my back got SO sunburned! When I got home I put a full PowerStrip on my upper back and the FIRE of the SUNBURN went away immediately. I slept sound with no pain!!! I never go anywhere without my PowerStrips!" Joy E.

"....having bunion problems and pain in my calf from it. Put a small strip on my calf and the pain went away in 5 minutes. Bunion still hurt, put a small strip on it and 90% of pain is gone."

I had my power strips at the graduation party i went to for my great niece. Gave one to someone who was having severe back pain it helped her, she has not called me. Put one on a girl who was having a bad headache, it took it away. My niece was drinking the night of her party and the next morning she had a terrible hangover. She said she was so very sick and the girl with the headache said here try one of those power strips your aunt gave me. She put one on, laid down for a half an hour and when she got up her exact words were I felt like a princess :). No more headache, no more sick to my stomach and I felt like I could run a marathon LOL!! Sooooo PowerStrips cure hangovers LOL !!

"I spent all day in the sun without lip protector and could feel the tingling of a cold sore/fever blister coming on. UGH! I placed a thin strip of a PowerStrip under my lip and the pain went away immediately - and it stopped the development of what could have been a very large and painful blister. Once again, thank GOD for PowerStrips."

“I have a testimonial using one small piece for fibrocystic breasts. At bedtime I applied a small piece (1/2" X 1") to my breast and by morning there was no trace of the extensive lumps and sore nipples that had been present. I kept the piece on for 48 hours anyways, but have not had any more issue at all.”

“I heard a testimonial from a friend who relayed the story about a woman who shared the PowerStrips with her father in law who has Parkinson’s. Within days, using just 1 PowerStrip on his back, his speech and coordination improved tremendously. I do not know this person but I’d love to hear the longer term benefits…….

So….we immediately took 2 PowerStrips to our friend, Sue, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s several years ago and who lives local. She said she slept better and more than 2.5x as long the first night she used the PowerStrip. Usually she only sleeps 2 hours or so a night. As we all know, with deeper and sounder sleep- our health improves. She was thrilled! Joy.

“I was diagnosed with DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis). I had a blood clot on my lower right leg that caused my leg to swell up A LOT and it was extremely painful regardless of whether I was standing, sitting or trying to walk. Anyway, I put the power strip on my right calf below my knee and within 2 days my swelling went away and my leg looked normal again. My leg still hurt but after a few more days of use (about 5 total) and no oxycodone, the pain was gone”.

“Patient had severe spinal injury for 11 years, diagnoses with acute spondylolysis, constant pain for years. Patient applied the patch and in one day, amazing pain relief. The pain also triggered severe headaches, which has also subsided.
These are the kind of results that physicians are looking for, that will enable us to endorse products that work. This physician is pleased. “ Dr. K - West Palm Beach

"Since using the Power Strips I haven't had to take an allergy pill every single day! This is the first time in 22 years that I haven't had to take allergy pills during allergy season - truly amazing!! No allergy symptoms whatsoever this year and apparently it's been a bad one! So glad I discovered the strips!"

“I am seeing better. I'm now able to read without wearing glasses (with some difficulty) things that were usually just a blurred strip of gray to me. Quite impressive list of feats for one product that's just supposed to relieve pain, don't you think” Jose’ Luis

“My 13 year old son started playing football this past week and yesterday developed painful shin splints and was limping. He asked for a power strip before bed and this morning when he woke up he had full mobility of both legs with zero pain!!!” Amy

“I woke up in the middle of the night with a bad charlie horse pain in my leg. I put a partial PowerStrip on it and immediately the pain went away and I was able to go back to sleep”. Brooke P.

“I was getting a sore throat and cold and I put a ½ PowerStrip on my throat before bed and woke up without a sore throat. The next day my husband Brian started to get a sore throat and I told him to try the PowerStrip, which he had never tried. It worked for him too.”

“I cut half a strip and put them on the rough heels before going to bed, now they are soft as a baby's butt! Brooke.”

“Here's another good use; for the past 3 days Dominique has been experiencing a really bad tooth ache that was knocking him out...and it takes a lot to keep this man down. I cut a 1 inch wide strip and put it over his cheek and bone where the pain was and he was not woken up last night in pain needing to take a pain killer; he felt really much better this morning, with swelling down. Of course he's going to have to get it checked, but in the meantime, the strips helped a LOT!!”

“I've been using the PowerStrips for three months and have had ongoing benefits since Day One
1. increased spinal flexibility and physical mobility
2. dramatically reduced inflammation and pain in back, neck, shoulders, kidneys
3. Increased physical energy, with more endurance and stamina
4. increased mental focus and positivity
5. better sleep
6. greater cardiovascular capacity
7. deeper breath
Most recently, I've been placing a 1/3 of a PowerStrip over my heart area and it has been fantastic for eliminating anxiety, stress, tension, and staying very centered, calm, and balanced. I feel smooth, clear, and agile all day.”

“My father recently shared that he had a growth on his skin which had become a concern. It had developed a red ring around it, and his local physician was concerned. He scheduled a specialist appointment to have it checked for cancer. Of course, he had several weeks to wait for the appointment, since the doctor was booked up. I suggested he keep a piece of PowerStrip on it. Yesterday, my father told me the growth was gone. He cancelled his appointment.” Mary

“I have lost most of the skin tags I have all over. Just another benefit.”

“I went to bed last night with a slight sore throat and woke up in the middle of the night and could hardly swallow. I immediately took a strip of a PowerStrip off another part of my body and put it over my throat area. Within minutes I could swallow again and it was not sore. AMAZING!!! Joy

I just love hearing new uses for the Power Strips! Last night I had tiny pieces cut up over my face on acne spots/breakouts! I'm happy to report they are half the size this morning! Glad to see others are using them on their face too!

"PowerStrips have been amazing during my pregnancy and contributed to my overall health in many ways! I wondered why I was NOT feeling any back pain or discomfort at all...and most pregnant women do. One day, I forgot to put a PS on (the one and only day I didn't) and realized the tension and pressure on my lower back. I put a PS back on and within 30 minutes all the discomfort was gone! I am 35 weeks and still working out, no back tension, and feeling wonderful! Love PowerStrips!" Sarah


Improve the health of your blood cells with PowerStrips!! These really do work at a cellular level....

PowerStrips by FG Xpress are a breakthrough technology providing pain relief, energy & much more.

Now these are not your regular pain reduction patches. Unlike some of these warming patches on the market, or other pain relief products. PowerStrips do help many get relief from pain, but they do so much more.

If you treat them like a Tylenol and use them only when pain occurs you are missing out on so much the potential health benefits relate to using PowerStrips.

The transdermal strips deliver nutrition to the cells of the body. First of all the promote detoxification of the cells. So it’s like a 24/7 gentle cleanse.

The silver in the strips help to improve the immune system. The Marine phytoplankton provide 72 minerals into the body.

They help improve your energy, mental clarity, athletic performance, endurance, stamina, sexual function (erectile dysfunction in men).

I could go on and on of all the benefits one could experience from using Powerstrips regularly, you can see from the list above that it does so much more than just act as a pain reliever.


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