Vibration Therapy and Recovery from Injuries, Surgery and Infertility

“One session of whole body vibration increases voluntary muscle strength in the quadriceps muscle in patients with stroke.” – Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, St. John Hospital, Budapest, Hungary

“Treatment of posttraumatic arthrofibrosis of the radioulnar joint with vibration therapy” – Sports Sciences Resident, Graduate Education & Research, Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College – Many studies have reported an increase in muscle performance after whole-body vibration, but none have evaluated the possibility of vibration application as a therapy for functional restoration after injury. The results of this case study imply that vibration therapy has the potential to aid in the management of acute soft tissue injury and the sequel of disuse and immobilization.

Benefits of the VibraFit Trainer for Recovery from Injury and Surgery

The following information was excerpted from a paper written by Dr. DeOrio who is an internationally known expert in Integrative Medicine. He is a graduate of the University of California/Irvine’s College of Medicine. Upon graduation, he completed an internship at the Kaiser Fontana, CA Family Practice Residency Program. He attended the UCLA Medical Acupuncture Program and is a member of the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture. Dr. DeOrio received a degree from the British Institute of Homeopathy.

“The entire body musculature as well as internal organs and glands are affected by Whole Body Vibration stimulation. Muscle spindles fire secondary to the mechanical stimulation produced by the machine. Rapid firing of the muscle spindle causes an adaptive neuromuscular response leading to physiological changes to the brain and the entire body. The phenomenon of rapid adaptation is called super compensation. It is the major healing force behind the machines’ profound increase on physical performance and total body neuromuscular balance.”

“Traumas and injuries, even if healed, can leave old cell memories in the brain or body tissue that still impede normal body movement or function. The Vibration Trainer usage allows the body and brain to rapidly de-imprint these old cell traumas and then re-imprint with positive healthy information. Therapists around the world have found Vibration Training to be better and more efficient at resolving injuries from sports or surgery than traditional methods of therapy.”

“Benefits from Vibration Therapy Training fit well with an entire spectrum of different healing modalities ranging from Chinese Medicine to Homeopathy by enhancing their healing powers. Increased blood flow combined with mechanical cell vibration leads to improved distribution and bio-availability of vitamins, nutrients, herbs, minerals and homeopathics. The most significant factor in getting compounds to work is getting the substance to those tissues, organs or glands that need the healing. Getting nutrients into devitalized tissue with poor blood flow is one of the most difficult things a health practitioner faces after choosing the right compound to heal the problem. Vibration helps to move the nutrients through the cell membrane and into the cell. Total body vibration causes the muscles, lymph, and cells in the body to contract and relax in a rhythmical fashion. If the right compounds are present in the blood prior to Vibration Trainer usage, a powerful super perfusion of the organs, glands and tissues is the result.”

“Increased circulation and better lymph system drainage combines to give more rapid toxin removal resulting in more rapid healing and less detoxification side effects. The positive effects of vibration training are equal to, if not greater than, a heavy workout regimen. Studies have shown that 10 minutes of Vibration Therapy Training are equal to an hour workout with weights. This is accomplished with the least amount of stress to the joints, tendons and ligaments making it not only a perfect exercise machine, but an incredible therapy regimen for people with injuries, the elderly or those with disease conditions such as arthritis, fibro-myalgia or MS who are normally excluded or limited from a good fitness program. Long term Vibration Trainer usage leads to structural and anatomic changes in the body that persist for extended periods of time even when it is not being actively used.” 

“Continued use of Vibration Training eventually leads to anatomic changes in the cardiovascular system resulting in increased blood flow to the tissues at therapeutically higher baseline levels. Every tissue in the body benefits from the bones to the hair follicles.”

“The effects of Whole Body Stimulation are more significant at stopping and reversing bone loss than traditional weight bearing movement at a fraction of the time and effort. Taken to the next level, improved circulation to the brain would enhance mental acuity, improve sleep, and strengthen the entire endocrine system which affects growth hormone secretion and therefore increase longevity and aging as well”

“Cosmetically, enhanced blood flow and increased cell stimulation improves the integrity of the collagen matrix. This leads to tighter, stronger and more beautiful skin, hair and nails. Increased oxygenation to the tissues improves the metabolic rate which increases fat and cellulite loss.”

“In regard to infertility, specialists from Holland have used Vibration Training to treat infertility. They reported that a group of ten infertile females who failed all traditional drug methods of fertility treatment were instructed to use Vibration Therapy Training 3 times a week for 3 months. After three months, six out of the ten were pregnant and all carried to term. Increased blood flow to the ovaries, uterus, fallopian tubes, vagina, brain and the entire endocrine system is the most probable explanation for this outcome. It is safe to use through out pregnancy.”