Vibration Training and The Heart

“Arterial stiffness acutely decreases after whole-body vibration in humans."  – Faculty of Health & Welfare, St. Catherine University, Matsuyama, Japan. – Background: Increased arterial stiffness is a well-established cardiovascular risk factor. WBV mechanically stimulates abdominal and leg arteries and may decrease arterial stiffness.  WBV is feasible in vulnerable and immobilized humans. These results suggest that WBV acutely decreases arterial stiffness.

Heart Health

World-renowned biochemist Linus Pauling, PhD, was a 2-time unshared Nobel Prize Laureate. He was also the recipient of more than 40 honorary degrees and is regarded by many of his peers as one of the world’s greatest scientific minds of the 20th century. His formula for good health, particularly of the heart, starts with the scientific facts that poor circulation is predominantly a Vitamin C deficiency. Also lacking are a couple of key amino acids, vitamins A, B, & E, minerals like magnesium and selenium and plenty of Omega 3 oils high in EPA and DHA found in oils from small fish such as krill.

EPA is key in producing prostaglandin which keeps the artery walls soft and free of plaque. (It also helps with visual acuity and motor skills, according to several studies.) Omega-3’s have a direct effect on the heart muscle by increasing blood flow, decreasing arrhythmias, and reducing several cellular processes that compromise heart function. Marine oils may also retard atherosclerosis through their effects on platelet function and inflammatory response. Inflammation is now being generally accepted as the key marker for heart problems and Omega oils help repair blood vessels damaged by inflammation.

Research indicates that Omega-3 can reduce the risk of primary cardiac arrest by 70% by reducing blood vessel blockages and prevent death from irregular heartbeats following a heart attack. As a side note: a British study claims that up to 80% of schizophrenics are deficient in unsaturated fatty acids like Omega-3 and a deficiency has also been linked to depression and general mental deterioration such as dementia. More than a dozen studies confirm that Omega-3 offers anti-inflammatory relief for arthritis suffers as well.

Omega-3 is invaluable in combating the circulation problems associated with diabetes by rendering the walls of the veins and arteries smoother and more elastic.

Cholesterol and The Heart

Pauling’s work confirmed that all plaque in the arteries is laid down as temporary repair material for damaged or injured blood vessels. This sticky cholesterol plaque, which the body uses to seal up the cracks and fissures, is a special kind of cholesterol made in our livers and not the cholesterol we ingest from certain foods. Lp(a) cholesterol is manufactured as a necessary emergency “secondary response tissue” to deal with the damaged blood vessels. This happens only when the body is deficient in the critical elements of Pauling’s “formula” listed above.

Also “primary” healing tissue for blood vessels is collagen. Collagen needs high levels of Vitamin C and amino acids supplied by high quality, easily assimilated proteins such as those discussed in a previous article “Vibration Training and Diabetes/Obesity”.

A healthier diet and a regular exercise routine accelerate any healing process to put you on a fast track to optimal health.

According to fitness expert Phil Campbell, author of “Ready Set Go”, getting cardiovascular benefits requires working all three types of muscle fibers and their associated energy systems. These muscle fibres and energy systems are:
Slow twitch (red muscle): Activated by traditional strength training and cardio exercises
Fast twitch (white muscle): Activated by interval “sprint” types of exercises
Super-fast (white muscle): consists of fast twitch and super-fast fibers, activated by interval “sprint’ exercises

Unfortunately, most traditional cardio and strength training exercises work only red muscle fibers, completely missing your white muscle fibers, which then atrophy. If your fitness routine doesn’t work your white muscle, you aren’t really working your heart!

Your heart has two different processes: the aerobic and the anaerobic. Traditional strength training and cardio work only the aerobic process and the slow twitch (red) muscle fibers. Conversely, “Sprint” training works your aerobic and anaerobic processes, which is what you need for optimal cardiovascular benefit. This is why you may not see the results you desire – even when you’re spending an hour on the treadmill several times a week. You’re only working HALF of your muscle fibers!  

How the VibraFit Trainer helps your Heart

The VibraFit Trainer also works all three types of muscle fibers and it does so more effectively and efficiently than straight cardio or weight lifting. This happens because your brain is receiving a signal that you are losing your balance as your body weight is being shifted from one foot to the other as you stand on the oscillating foot plate. The brain then engages close to 100% of the muscle in your body in a “muscle reflex response” to prepare you to do whatever it is that you need to do to “balance” yourself. This “muscle reflex response” is happening at a rate that is 30 – 50 times faster than running so you can accomplish more from 15 minutes on the VibraFit Trainer than from an HOUR of traditional training.

When you work your fast and super-fast muscle fibers, your body releases exercise-induced growth hormones at levels that actually mimic taking HGH injections. In fact, certain types of anaerobic exercise stimulate as much as a 530% increase in growth hormone! The higher your HGH serum level, the healthier, leaner and stronger you will be. HGH declines rapidly after age 21. And the amount of HGH you secrete depends on how much lean body mass and belly fat you have. The more belly fat you have, the less HGH your body produces.

Therefore, one major goal of any fitness program should be getting your body to pump up its HGH production. FibraFit Training can help with that by stimulating your super-fast muscle fibers to boost your HGH production which increases your metabolism and helps you burn fat.