Vibration Therapy and the Importance of Muscle Tone

“The effects of a whole-body vibration program on muscle performance and flexibility in female athletes” – Sports Medicine Laboratory, University of Rome, Rome, Italy – Whole-body vibration is a suitable training method to improve knee extension maximal strength, counter-movement jump, and flexibility in a young female athlete. Flexibility is important not only for performance but also for the prevention of muscle-tendon injury.

Muscle Loss

In the field of molecular medicine, they believe they have found a way to chemically manipulate the regenerative ability of old muscle.  

But in July of 2010, the University of Calgary’s Schulich School of engineering uncovered the potential benefits of Whole Body Vibration to do exactly that same thing – and without the side effects of drugs! “Mechanical vibrations appear to alter cell behavior in a way that point to the potential for the regeneration of cells and tissues in the spine…showing beneficial results at the cellular level.”

Research found evidence that aging muscles need to be kept in shape, because long periods of atrophy are more challenging to overcome. Older muscles do not respond as well to sudden bouts of exercise. Rather than building muscle, older people can instead generate scar tissue if they exercise vigorously after long periods of inactivity. This emphasizes the need to keep your muscles in shape as you age, working them regularly throughout your life.

“Two weeks of immobilization only mildly affected young muscle, whereas old muscle began to atrophy and manifest signs of rapid tissue deterioration.”

So the message is: the older you are, the faster your muscles begin to atrophy without regular exercise.

To compound the problem, as you age, your body also becomes increasingly less able to use the protein in your food for building muscle. And protein is essential for health muscle growth and maintenance. And as if that is not enough, in seniors, insulin no longer prevents the muscle breakdown between meals and overnight as it normally does in younger subjects. This double-whammy adds up to significant muscle wasting in sedentary seniors. Another key factor may be poor blood supply, as this could prevent proper deliver of nutrients and hormones to your muscles. 

Gaining Muscle Mass with Vibration Training

Fortunately, exercise on the VibraFit Trainer is the natural remedy for these problems. Research has shown that 10 minutes of Vibration Training increases muscle mass at the same rate as working out with weights for 45 minutes. Your blood supply is increased to provide the muscles with the oxygen that it needs to do this work and it moves nutrients along with it. Also, your insulin levels are balanced from the over-all effects of exercise.

But you are not only maintaining muscle mass. Preventing heart disease and osteoporosis are two other benefits of exercise. A key element in heart disease is to keep your inflammation levels low and avoid visceral fat in the abdominal area surrounding your vital organs. Exercise lowers visceral fat because the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn. Muscle burns calories around the clock even when you are sleeping. So the more calories that are burned and the more fat stores are reduced.

As for lowering inflammation, this is accomplished with exercise by lowering levels of CRP (C-reactive protein) which is linked to inflammation. High levels of CRP are said to be a better indicator of possible heart attack than high cholesterol.

Start gently and work at a pace that is appropriate for your age and current level of fitness, remembering that suddenly exercising vigorously can cause scarring and inflammation of your muscles. Muscle building is a process of tearing down and rebuilding so your muscle needs protein for the repair process. Thus ending you exercise program with a good quality whey protein shake would be very beneficial.

Optimal health is dependent on an active lifestyle; eating fresh, whole foods; avoiding processed foods and addressing the stress in your life. So start slowly and gently - but start! It is never too late but be sensible in your approach and once you start moving and don’t stop!