We had been looking for an alternative to traditional treadmills which can be intimidating for seniors because of the stop and start motion...[W]e typically had only a couple of residents using the treadmill. With the Whole Body Vibration Trainer, we average 10 – 12 residents lined up in the morning waiting to use it. Given the success, we ordered Trainers for each of our nine facilities. I am very pleased that the residents have a new and safe way to stay active. Thank you Jack, for introducing Green Acres Foundation to the Whole Body Vibration Trainer!
~ Dawna Coslovi
CEO, Green Acres Foundation, Lethbridge, AB
I don’t know what I did to my shoulder. The doctor couldn’t find anything wrong. But I couldn’t lift my arm any higher than shoulder height. After standing on the VibraFit Trainer twice a day for the past 10 days, I have full movement back in my arm again.
~ Dorothy
Victoria, B.C.
I have been in a wheelchair for years and have had arthritis pain since the early 40’s. Nothing has been able to help the pain for a long time now. But after using the VibraFit Trainer for the first 5 minutes I could feel sensations in my legs that I haven’t felt for years. And I can sleep through the night because my arthritis pain is gone as long as I use the machine twice a day!
~ Charles
Victoria, B.C.
I had a very bad accident falling off of a ladder. My foot caught and was badly mangled. After using the VibraFit Trainer just a few times, I have been pain free for the first time in 12 years.
~ Randy
Wainwright, AB
I have had complicated neurological problems for years. My neurologist is completely familiar with Vibration Trainers and strongly approves of its use for me.
~ Marie
Calgary, AB
I had a patient come to me after an accident during training with the musical troupe “Stomp”. After her Chiropractic adjustment, she still had residual muscle soreness so I introduced her to our VibraFit Trainer. After she got done, she said “That is amazing! The pain is gone!
~ Dr. Chad
Calgary, AB
"It really helps the circulation in my legs. You used to be able to poke pins into my feet and I couldn't feel it. Now all my feeling is back."
~ Charles,
Medicine Hat, AB
"I know this sounds exaggerated but I can only say that this has been life-changing for my residents. One lady could only drag her left leg after a stroke. Now her leg is stronger and she is standing straighter - after only 2 weeks!"
~ Marguerite,
Chemainus, BC
"My mother used to use an inhaler 3 times a day. Now she uses it only once or twice a week if she is going shopping."
~ Dawn,
Lethbridge, AB
"We have a lady with a prosthetic leg who is using the VibraFit Trainer and is now getting feeling back in her upper leg. We also have a resident who is in a wheelchair who is now getting sensations in her legs and is also sleeping better."
~ Rec. Director,
High River, AB
"I have done aerobics and yoga for years but I have found that since I started using VibraFit Trainer, I have achieved muscle tone in the abdominal area that I wasn't able to before. My love handles are gone!"
~ Shiela,
Lloydminster, SK
I just had a resident bring me a letter he wants me to send to you... "I started using the VibraFit Trainer April 20, 2012, the day that Peter Dawson Lodge in Vulcan, Alberta purchased the machine. I was in pretty rough shape, bad arthritis pains in neck, shoulders, feet, knees and terrible back pains from past injuries. In the past five months I am a new person, most of my joints are at least 80% better, My back has improved a lot but never will get much better, I would like to advise people to try this machine. To me it has been a life saver. One of the better machines built." Gerald Dixon, Vulcan
~ Leahn,
Vulcan, AB
My right foot was badly damaged by a landmine and it has been freezing cold all these years. After only a few minutes on the VibraFitTrainer, it became warm. I couldn’t believe it after all these years.
~ Rudy
Coaldale, AB
We have a gentleman resident who was in a wheelchair and is now walking again with no assistance. It took him about a year but he is thrilled
~ Manager
Holden Lodge
My blood pressure is lower and so is my cholesterol.
~ Manager
Holden Lodge
I bought one of these machines for my wife who is diabetic. She needs to exercise to control her blood sugar levels but she is also an invalid so she can’t exercise. The vibration trainer has brought about fantastic results for her diabetes!
~ Joel
Los Angeles, CA
I have fibromyalgia and I really notice the difference in how I feel if I miss even one day! And I sleep so much better now."
~ Marie,
Picture Butte, AB
A lady came into our Assisted Care Facility four years ago using a walker because of a bad car accident that she had been in. She eventually deteriorated to the point of being in a wheelchair. She started on the Vibration Trainer by just resting her feet on the plate while seated in her wheelchair. She was later able to stand on it on her own. It has been six weeks now and the pain has left her hips and she walks only with the support of a cane
~ Shelley
Rec. Therapist, Rimbey, AB
A lady in our seniors’ lodge was keeping all the residents awake at night because she walked the halls in her walker. It was the only thing that relieved the pain in her legs and hips. Now that she uses the Vibration Trainer, her pain is gone and she no longer walks the halls. In fact, she no longer ever needs her walker.
~ Mary Anne
Bashaw, AB (Mgr)
I had a severe stroke which affected my whole left side. Since using the VibraFit Trainer my balance has improved tremendously and I sleep better. It's very relaxing and gets rid of the stiffness in my joints. I no longer use my cane when I am in my apartment.
~ Carol,
Lethbridge, AB
I have, as yet, undiagnosed health problems. It causes poor balance and difficulty walking. I thought that the VibraFit Trainer wasn't doing much until I went away and didn't use it for three days. Every symptom returned and I couldn't walk properly again. Now I use it faithfully every day!"
~ Debbie,
High River, AB
"Residents with congestion and raspy chest have been very surprised and pleased to notice that those symptoms are gone!"
~ Shelley, Rec. Therapist
Rimbey, AB
"I used to have a very fast heart rate - over 90 bpm - now my heart has gotten stronger and my heart rate has lowered to just over 80 bpm. on average. and I am losing weight!"
~ Joanne,
Regina, SK
My son-in-law was recently diagnosed with MS and had a Vibration Trainer prescribed by his specialist in order to maintain leg muscle because they are very close to perfecting brain surgery to help his condition.
~ Janet
Director-Beaver Foundation
My hip replacements went very well but I couldn’t do the prescribed exercises because they were so painful. But I used the VibraFit Trainer and it has gotten me back on my feet so quickly. I’m so glad I have it.
~ Yvonne
We have a resident who couldn’t raise her arms above chest height because of pain in her shoulders. Now she can lift them above her shoulders.
~ Manager
Tofield Lodge
"David installed the new motor that you sent and it has done the trick. I use our machine every day and missed it when it stopped working. Thanks so much for your quick resolution to our problem. It is nice to know that you stand behind your product with such great customer service.
~ Julie,
Edmonton, AB